It’s honestly amazing what you can feel, see, experience when you open your heart to God.

I haven’t been to my church in forever. Why? Cause work has been  “getting in the way” of me getting to church.

How many times have you let work get in the way of church, exercise, dating, eating well, studying, etc. ? It’s the  “whipping boy” for so much of our daily excuses for not doing the things that we need to be doing.

It was 5:38pm and I knew that I needed to go to church.

I got on my scooter and headed off, running as I heard the worship starting. I instantly felt  “at home”.

At the end of the service they had a  “Linger” session of worship and prayer. It was interesting to note how much I have changed since letting faith into my life.

We were called to the front for prayer, a  “break the chain” prayer, if people wanted it. I have been struggling with my job recently and honestly am looking for as many ways out as I can. However, I feel like I am being called back to it time and time again. (this is another post).

I recieved my prayer from a senior pastor and walked over to the other side of the auditorium and got on my knees and prayed.

Then I heard her crying, sobbing, shaking.

A young Asian girl was sobbing, crying out to God. I knew, for some reason, in that moment that I NEEDED to offer to pray with her. I have to admitt that a moment of self-doubt crept in  “am I Christian enough to offer this woman prayer? shouldn’t the pastors being doing this? is that going to be ok that I do that? will I get in trouble?”

Then I just didn’t care. I scooted back and said  “would you like prayer?”

Through her glassy, bawling eyes, she shook her head yes.

I got right next to her and just held her. Prayed with her. Felt her body calm down.

Her English wasn’t great. Her emotions raw. Her desperation for God s strength evident.

What I realised in that moment is that there is no stamp that says  “you’re ready to give someone prayer”. There is just the openness in your heart to reveal your own struggles, your insight and love of God to those around you.

We hugged. She thanked me.

I got up and lost it.

My heart felt soft, open, honest, thankful, healed.

If someone needs prayer, a hug, a conversation… be open and let your faith, exerperiences and compassion rain.