I think it’s an interesting concept to think that you can hand our life over to God, that alone God is enough.

I would have to say that I have given my heart to God, I believe in God, Jesus and the principles in the Bible. Those fundamental beliefs are there. I believe that God heals, comes into people’s lives when they least expect it and can/do improve people’s lives.

I also get that FULLY handing over your life to God is for some of us very VERY hard.

There was once something said to me

after living my “own” life it is daunting and I sometimes have doubts that I can go through with it.

I agree with this statement in so many ways that it sometimes scares me that I fall back on ‘old ways’ of thinking when trying to process things which aren’t glamorous and/or are emotionally draining. I find myself sending glory to God for the things in my life which work and are freeing. However, I struggle for myself to fall back on God.

In some weird way, I know that God is there for other people. I have found myself praying over fellow friends, and sitting with patients in hospital who need to be consoled. Closing my eyes, holding their hands and letting prayers fill the moment of silence between the patient and I.

However, when I am feeling a bit lack-luster, empty, anxious…I doubt God’s ability to honestly fill me.

Can God REALLY fill me?
Can I REALLY fall back on God completely and let old coping mechanisms go?
Is God’s validating enough?
If I do, will that mean that my impatience will cease?

I know that there are Bible verses which speak of God’s love..in fact I could probably recite some for you, google them, index topics in the back of my Bible.

It has nothing NOTHING to do with intellectual capacity. It has everything to do with my emotional walls that close of some people, God, myself from believing that God is enough. That God is the center of my spiritual nourishment, my strength, my foci.

I don’t know if I share anything profound or thought-provoking. But what it does..is it gives my fears/worries/doubts the ability to escape my brain and put it into the world. For people to mull over, talk about, pray for, and hopefully let God in just a big more.

~Farm Girl