There are days when I am in the hospital on my nursing prac when I just look at my patients and think to myself ‘I wonder what they were like before they came in with their condition(s)’

The thing which I am constantly reminded of is that I am someone who is becoming more aware of the presence of God in my life. Even though I do struggle at times letting God into my life at a deeper level, I am acutely aware of my connection with my faith..for myself.

I have written about praying before, but I think praying is such a powerful thing in our walks with our faith. It’s not just about closing your eyes, bowing your heads and/or reciting what everyone else is at church. It’s actually opening yourself up to those quiet moments when you are connected with God for yourself.

I had two very powerful moments of prayer this weekend.

I was asked to pray over someone who was at hospital. I was actually surprised that I was asked because I was by FAR the newest Christian in that group. However, I just let God speak through me. I do have to be aware though that sometimes my perfectionist does kick in and I think to myself ‘Am I doing this right? Isn’t there some perfect way or doing this?’

However, I just held their hand and let my words come out. It was incredibly powerful to not only be honoured to pray for someone, but to be able to grow in my own faith. Becoming more and more confident that I can give something back to those people around me in my own faith journey.

The second moment was actually a silent one. I was sitting with a patient this weekend who couldn’t speak English, who was scared out of their mind and was dealing still with the loss of their partner. There was NOTHING that I could have done to have alleviated their pain…except be present. It’s amazing what touch, stillness, being calm and a quiet voice can do for someone.

More though, I closed my eyes as the patient clutched onto my hands and prayed for peace and comfort for that patient.

You see, I don’t know if I am even doing this whole God thing, Prayer thing, blogging about my inner-thoughts on faith…right. But what I do know is that each day we can make little tiny steps to finding ways to be present with God in those around us. Even with those who may not believe.

~Farm Girl