I picked up this book…cause I liked it…it was PINK

But I also LOVED the title “Can I have and do it all, please?” I mean how many times do we walk through our lives wanting to be everything to everyone at ALL times. One of the things which I have struggled with most in my life, until recently really, is the notion that I felt I was NEVER enough. That I was ALWAYS striving to be something more than I was at the present moment. I lived in the past failures (always ignoring what I had done well) and pinned after what I wanted to be in the future.

I never stopped…and enjoyed where I was right now.

Sometimes when you read books there’s a sentence that jumps out at you, grabs and shakes you

The challenge that most of us face is the tendency to devalue our own uniqueness, and instead attempt to become a carbon copy of those we admire.

This has happened so many times to me. In fact when I wrote about rebelling against my faith, I did it somewhat because I didn’t feel like I could ever be a GOOD Christian. I know many people who will throw their own two cents in about how you ‘don’t need to be a good xian / we all have our faults / not everyone is perfect / you don’t know what it going on with them’…all of which I think are valid.

However, what I do think is it begs a MUCH larger question: Are we living the life that God has mapped our for us…or are we living the life that we think those around would be proud of?

It’s a fine line between those two questions and they should be answered with the root of what motivates us to make choice in our lives. God or others?

We look at others who we deem to be ‘successful’ or godly, Christina women, and rather than taking principles from their lives and applying them to our own, we try to become exactly like them.

Even if you don’t believe in God…I think what Christine Caine is speaking about is so true. I see it all the time in myself, in those in the blogging world, and those at Church. I have written about dating (doesn’t it feel like all I talk about is dating..sorry) and people are thinking ‘how are people going to think if I ask this person out? / what will happen if we take the relationship to the next level? / are they ‘THE ONE’?’ This type of conversation has NOTHING to do with our intrinsic and holistic relationship with God. It has everything to do with an outward desire to be validated.

As I continue to read this book, soak it all in, I come back to another sentence that has gripped me

The reason I had become discontent in my life was because I had allowed my focus to shift off pursing my own unique life-print and onto the life-prints of some of the women around me.

What I love is that the thoughts that Christine is outlining are not soaking in religious dogma. Rather it’s life lessons on how to live your life, listen to your heart…and SEE the beauty, strength and gifts that God has given you.

~Farm Girl