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There have been times throughout my life when my faith has subsided into the depths of the pantry of life. Due to whatever factors that are piled in the front of the goods God presents.






I know when I am pushing God into the back of the shelf “I’ll get to you again at some point….and I know that you’ll stay there with no expiration date.”

Perhaps God’s lack of expiration date and versatility is the biggest blessing and biggest omen. ‘Knowing’ that God is always there means that there are times when we can just push God back in order to entertain our lives with ‘other’ things.

What I’ve realised is that I don’t like the feeling of shelving God. It’s not fair to God, but more importantly it’s not fair to the relationship that I have formed in my own life with God and with the world around me. To justify the shelving of anything that grounds me for something ‘more exciting’ is trivial. It actually strips us of the inner grace and beauty that we have.

It’s also funny when you realise that a part of your life has been saved/persevered by the inner-workings of God..and you remember to bless his presence in your life. You realise that once again you like looking into your pantry and seeing God at the forefront of your life, sitting on the shelf as a reminder that indeed he’s a staple.

The panic that gets us in a tissy of putting other things in front of God have to be identified. I don’t think that you should ONLY stock your pantry with God…I think that’s unbalanced. You SHOULD have friends who are different from you, dare I even say people who don’t believe in God…have no God in their pantry. I think it’s important.

But what’s important is realising that what is in the forefront of your pantry of life are the things which you grab for….so what’s stocking your pantry?

~Farm Girl


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