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How many times have you gotten stuck in a rut?

I am going to raise my hand…keep it up straight until the blood runs out of it.

I am in a rut of shoving my face at night. I admit it.

More though, I have been in a rut about what I have found myself in. In a situation where I am no longer happy with the way that I feel about my current relationship with food, my body, exercise and where I am.

I have also felt incredibly stuck.

That I should just “give up, cause this is they way it’s going to be forever.”

If I stay that way, then I’ll continue to gain weight, punish myself with sporadic exercise and wear frumpy clothes, no make-up and crappy hair.

We are masters of our own destiny.

As I sat on the couch tonight, after eating and stuffing myself, I sat and asked myself “how do I want to feel in that tris that I am signing up for this coming year?”

  • Prepared
  • Focused
  • Like a machine
  • I gave it my all
  • Powered by amazing food
  • Proud

Then I sat on the couch, in the PJ bottoms with elastic that are too tight, and thought about how I wanted to look.

  • Smiling
  • Exhausted
  • Happy
  • Toned
  • Fit
  • Proud

I didn’t want to be rail thin. I didn’t want to be binging. I didn’t want to be a certain weight. I didn’t want to be obsessed.

I wanted to feel like a champion.
Like someone who had gotten their groove back.
Someone who harnessed the motto “just f**king do it”.

The point is, that we don’t have to see ourselves as what we are..stuck. We actually have the ability to see ourselves how we want to be. Yes, my image of myself was thinner than I am now.

But when you’re looking at yourself in a state of where you’d like to be..focus not on the thinness or weight. Focus on what you’re exuding, what you feel like, what people would think about when they’re around you.

Sear that image in your brain, and everyday make choices that make the image become real.

For me, it’s crossing the finish line with spandex on, a number attached to my racing shirt, strong voluptuous curves, ripped arms and a smile across my face.

What does your image look like?

~Farm Girl


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